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The Blacksmith’s Journal is printed in a loose leaf format, fully illustrated with photos, and offering step-by-step instructions. Shop drawings show you how to do techniques, make tools, produce architectural and decorative elements, as well as take you through projects from start to finish. Design and layout ideas give you the inspiration for the creative use of these blacksmithing techniques. Each page is purely informational; no newsy chatter, no announcements, and no advertising mixed into the pages.

No matter what your skill level or interest in blacksmithing, the Blacksmith’s Journal will have something to offer you.

How do I download digital back issues?
Digital issues are available by electronic download as a softgood product and may be purchased in our store. There are no shipping charges applied for these. After checking out, an email will be sent to you with a link to the digital issues you have ordered so you can download them. You will need Acrobat Reader on your computer or another similar reader to view and print the issues in high quality .pdf format.  Please note: The email link for retrieval is good for 72 hours, so be sure to download them promptly.

What were the original issue numbers for each volume?
Volume 01 – Issues 0-11
Volume 02 – Issues 12-23
Volume 03 – Issues 24-35
Volume 04 – Issues 36-47
Volume 05 – Issues 48-59
Volume 06 – Issues 60-71
Volume 07 – Issues 72-83
Volume 08 – Issues 84-95
Volume 09 – Issues 96-107
Volume 10 – Issues 108-119
Volume 11 – Issues 120-131
Volume 12 – Issues 132-143
Volume 13 – Issues 144-155
Volume 14 – Issues 156-167
Volume 15 – Issues 168-179
Volume 16 – Issues 180-191
Volume 17 – Issues 192-203
Volume 18 – Issues 204-215
Volume 19 – Issues 216-227
Volume 20 – Issues 228-231


How do I know what is in the back issues?
Check out the index to help you see what topics have been covered in alphabetical order or what’s in each volume by publishing order. This way you can decide if it’s better for you to order single back issues or develop your reference library with back issue volumes.

Can I get the original Blacksmith’s Journal binders?
The original binders are no longer available, but you can easily organize your collection of the Blacksmith’s Journal back issues (loose-leaf format) in a regular 3-ring binder.

Can I get a sample issue?
Yes, you can! To get a free sample issue, just click on this offer, then add it to your shopping bag.

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Need help before you order?
It’s easy to reach us through the Contact page.