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Blacksmith Shop Equipment - DIGITAL

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Brand: Blacksmith's Journal

Digital Download Instructions : This electronic version is sold as a softgood product for immediate download. There are no shipping charges applied. After checking out, click the "Download" button when the screen shows your order went through. You’ll need Acrobat Reader on your computer or another similar reader to view and print the publications in high quality .pdf format. The email link for retrieval is good for 72 hours, so be sure to download them promptly.

Product Description : Much of the equipment needed for a blacksmith's shop like an anvil, forge and vices can be found used, but most can be made in the shop. This volume contains detailed information on how to make rail anvils, filing vises, stands for a variety of equipment and more. It also shows how to make specialized equipment that includes a twist shear and slot press.

105 pages / file size approx 52,500 KB

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